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Let me make something clear.
Age does not determine my ability to take up space.
It doesn’t make me an oddity or a novelty.
The way I walk through a door is the sum of my experiences.
Experience is resilience.
Is owning your age, saying that number
That means nothing other than the wisdom and wonder that comes with each passing day.
Say your age. Say it. Loud and proud.

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Why We Need To Get Rid Of These Toxic, Outdated Labels

As much as we may choose to ignore it, labels are constantly being forced upon us. Younger generations are told they're "too young" and "too entitled," while older generations are told they're "too old" and "irrelevant." This is especially true when it comes to activism. For far too long, our society has held onto the belief that only people of a certain age can create an impact — if you're under 30, you're "immature"; if you're over 50, you're "out of touch."

That's why we teamed up with AARP and two writers/activists of different ages — Michaela Angela Davis and Aija Mayrock — to talk about the prevailing issue of outdated toxic language and how everyone has the power to create change, no matter their age, gender identity, race, sexuality, or anything else.



Surround yourself with people smarter than you, wiser than you. Surround yourself with the people you look up to.

I shot this project in early January and had the privilege of working with @michaelaangelad all day. What I learned from this brilliant individual was a master class in everything from activism to empathy and awareness. She is an icon and you should all be aware of her. The work she has done and continues to do around race and gender is enormous. 
In addition, I had the extraordinary experience of working with women who are not just my friends, but creative geniuses who I aspire to be like. @sophfei the magnificent director & @lydia_pang_ the creative genius (amongst many other brilliant people who were part of this project). I encourage you all to surround yourself with people like that - people who you aspire to be like, people who push you to grow and open your mind to a world of questions and possibilities.

Michaela told me to not be afraid of not knowing the answer. And so I share that with all of you - don’t be afraid to not know and to not be the best. That is growth.

- Aija Mayrock