Saks Fifth Avenue: Fearless Women


'Fearless Women' Speaker Series

Luxury clothing retailer, Saks Fifth Avenue makes its mark o the era of women empowerment as they launch a new speaking series to celebrate women role models that’re using their voice to change the world.

Aija Mayrock was featured in the "Fearless Women" series, alongside singer Kim Petras, actress Jemima Kirke, women's march co-founder Breanne Butler, Bobbi Brown, and other powerful women across all industries.


“When I receive messages from young people all over the world who have read my book or heard my story, it gives me strength, power, and fearlessness to continue. If I could spread one piece of advice to the world, I would say: Your voice matters. No matter how young or old you are or where you live - you have the ability to change someone’s life. Be fearless, say the truth, say your truth.”

- Aija Mayrock