Create a poem for your organization, summit, or campaign:

Aija has written poems for individual speaking events, large corporations, and international campaigns. Using her creativity and passion, she tailors her writing to the messaging and beliefs of anything she writes for.

Previous brands that have had original pieces written by Aija include:

  • Refinery 29

  • Warner Brothers

  • AARP

  • Instagram and Facebook

  • WPP

  • The Ad Council

  • Plan B One Step



Book Aija for panels, keynotes, and poetry readings:

Aija has been a motivational speaker as well as performed poetry to over four million people across the United States from large arenas like Madison Square Garden to schools and communities to corporations like Instagram and Facebook. She does keynote talks, panel discussions, and of course - performs her poetry.

Previous venues Aijas has performed or spoken at include:

  • Girl Boss Rally

  • Pop Sugar Playground

  • The Harvard Club

  • Penn State University

  • UCLA, New York University

  • Ithaca College

  • Instagram and Facebook Summits

  • Warner Brothers