The Survival Guide to Bullying

Aija was bullied by her peers and teachers for the way she spoke since she was eight years old. AIja had a lisp and stutter, and the years went on, the bullying escalated, and she was continuously told to “kill herself” by the other students, In order to cope with the severe cyber bullying and harassment, the young teen turned to writing as a way to heal.

After seeing endless stories of young people who had committed suicide due to bullying, Aija decided she had to do something. The Survival Guide to Bullying was the beginning of a movement that Aija dedicated herself to, in hopes of helping students find their power, parents learning how to help their kids, and teachers being aware of the signs of bullying. The Survival Guide to Bullying covers everything from cyberbullying, asking for help, overcoming fear, and creating the life you dream of having.  

Aija has also created a classroom discussion guide in collaboration with Dr. Deborah Temkin.

Practical, moving, and deeply kind.

-Kirkus Review